First 90 days as a CTO

Congratulations on the new role! Here's how to hit the ground running and build relationships and a sustainable plan in your first three months.

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Resource Planning and Budgeting

As your team and company grow, understanding how to plan and budget for team size, equipment and training becomes vital - here's how to get it right.

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Diversity in Hiring

Studies have proven diverse engineering teams are more successful than homogenous ones, but how can you ensure you're attracting a diverse pool of talent?

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Successful 1:1s and feedback

Possibly the most powerful tool in a technology leader's utility belt, 1:1s shorten the feedback loop and improve trust - here's how to get the most from them

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About CTO Craft

CTO Craft was launched in 2017 to provide coaching, mentoring and learning services to first-time technology leaders, CTOs and tech team leads, and help them achieve their business and technology objectives.

Whatever your experience level, making the move from building software to leading a team can be a delicate process. Our community can help make the transition to a great leader as straightforward and as successful as possible.